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Short brake pad life on a cyclocross bike

hstileshstiles Posts: 414
edited August 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I don't know if Cyclocross bikes count as MTB, but here goes.

I get really short brake pad life on my cross bike. I stripped a grub screw on one of my front Avid Short 4 brakes a couple of weeks ago and picked up a replacement set from Evans so I could stand a chance of gettign home alive. The stock Avid pads that came with the brakes are nearly worn down to the metal already!!!

I've tried avid pads, Clarks pads from Halfords, no name V brake pads and some funky coloured cheapo pads off ebay and they all wear out in a matter of weeks.

I do a lot of miles on my bike - over 100 a week, most of it commuting with the odd towpath or track, so a road bike would make more sense for the commute, but I donated my hybrid to my sister and the cross bike is quicker anyway.

Are there any harder wearing pads? Is it because the brakes aren't performing properly?


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