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Trek Remedy 7 / Giant Anthem X3/X4 - any experiences?

stevomstevom Posts: 8
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I'm considering the Trek Remedy 7 as my first full sus mtb. I'm going to be doing a mix of cross country mountain biking in my local hills and riding trail centres - mainly glentress and innerleithen.

I'm looking for a balance between speed and comfort and had been considering the anthem series, but there is no way I am ever going to be racing and all the bike reviews point to the Anthem bikes as great for racing. I enjoy going fast and I enjoy climbing so there are a lot of things about this bike that I would love, but I wonder if I will find it a bit limiting on red and black runs at the likes of Glentress

Has anyone got experience of the Trek Remedy? It appears to have a lot of travel for the money, yet still is set up for trail riding and not a downhill bomber that is difficult up the hills.

Any advice welcomed - thanks everyone.


  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,999
    The Remedy and Anthem are very different bikes. Why not a Fuel EX instead of the Anthem?

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