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New to Singlespeed

Geoff93Geoff93 Posts: 188
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Sorted out my frame and forks - now needing bits for a singlespeed, on a relatively low budget, as this will just be a retro commuting bike. Thinking chrome extras if possible :)

Has anyone got any ideals on wheels and brakes. The frame has brake bosses brazed on.

Thanks :)
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Are you talking singlespeed i.e. one gear with freewheel or fixed gear i.e one sprocket with direct drive to the rear wheel? If singlespeed you'll need both front and rear brakes whereas fixed you can get away with front only.
    As your frame has braze-on bosses I presume chainstay-mounted? You're then limited to cantilevers of vee-brakes. Also depends on whether you're running straight or dropped handlebars as brake lever cable pull is different.
    In terms of wheels and hubs, there's a good range of parts from the likes of Halo or Planet-X - many pre-built wheels use the same generic models of rims and hubs - but avoid Quando hubs - they're rubbish!
    Also suggest you look on LFGSS forum for parts - there's a health For Sale section for old bits and prices are more reasonable than ebay - part of the fun is building something out of a pile of odd-parts rather than just taking a shopping list to your LBS.
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