Reba problem!! So close...

davildo Posts: 162
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Having purchased some Reba Teams I have just fitted them and everytihng was going smoothly until..

I went to fit the Poploc. The 2mm pinch bolt seems to have been done up by Geoff Capes. It is a tiny bolt and I don't want to sheer it all off leaving a nice circle to try and get purchase on!

Has anyone had a similar problem?

Any tips?

Not entirely sure what anyone can suggest but desperation / frustration have prompted me to ask for advice.




  • Louis84
    Louis84 Posts: 135
    plenty of WD40 and gentle easing
  • davildo
    davildo Posts: 162
    Panic over.

    Bit of WD40 and tapped a tiny screwdriver in to the bolt, which just gave me enough grip to get it undone.