Tacx Satori

Mr Dog
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Thinking of venturing into the world of pain. Never used a turbo. Been offered a Satori for a £100.
Are they safe to use with carbon and is it a good trainer?

Any thoughts and advice would be well recieved.

Thanks MR Dog :lol:
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  • Anonymous
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    I have one, fine to use with carbon, they are pretty good but I much prefer a fluid trainer. I bought a Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro which is MILES better than the Satori. I now use the Satori for warming up at races and TTs...
  • Garz
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    I have one, it is fine for what I want and it folds up nice into a bag provided in the package I got (which the missus thinks is good).
  • MikeWW
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    I've got one and find it works well. Used it all last winter, goes to a lot of the races for warm up and been on it for the last 8 weeks due to injury
    Feels reasonably smooth to me although don't doubt the fluid trainers are better
  • Mr Dog
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    Thanks for that people. Seems suited to pre race warm ups due to its portability. As I'm new to the road it may be worth a punt. Spent most of my spare cash on a new MTB for winter training but I can't help but feel that my off road riding style is multi sprint.

    The other option is the gym... weights and the concept2 tend to bulk me up and throughout the summer I've toiled to loose weight.

    Why tidy the house when you can clean your bike?