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gary.hounsomegary.hounsome Posts: 296
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Had a puncture the other day so replaced it with a new tube on the side of the road.

Do most of you keep the punctured tube, fix and use as a spare? Or throw out and replace with a new tube ready for your next puncture?


  • taz3611taz3611 Posts: 172
    2 punctures in the space of 3 minutes, 6mm slice in tyre and snapped valve extender. Used inner tube to sit on whilst waiting for help. Will repair tube when my low mood subsides.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Depends on how I feel. Sometimes I'll fix it if it looks clean and will patch easily. You can always keep it to cut up as patches anyway, or make some bands out of sections of it.
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    I almost always repair them at home. They have to be in pretty bad nick for me to throw them away.
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  • Father JackFather Jack Posts: 3,508
    Bits and lengths of rubber always come in handy, for example using a MTB inner for a chicken coop door to cover the hinge.
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  • Robert456Robert456 Posts: 103
    Patches work but I tend to replace for peace of mind, deffo always carry a new tube as a spare
  • Throw them away because I cant be arsed fixing them. Sitting here typing these I should probably fix them as they only go into landfill.

    Might train one of the kids up to fix them

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  • ILM Zero7ILM Zero7 Posts: 2,291
    taz3611 wrote:
    2 punctures in the space of 3 minutes, 6mm slice in tyre and snapped valve extender. Used inner tube to sit on whilst waiting for help. Will repair tube when my low mood subsides.

    :LOL !

    we have all been there, or in similar situations - I remember 3 punctures and a gashed sidewall had me resolving to call it a day and ring Mrs Felt to come and pick me up off the roadside - only thing was I had no exact idea where i was!

    2 patches max for me - a sort of 3 strikes and youre out rule I suppose
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  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Whatever you do don't throw away a repairable tube. If you prefer new, give the old tube to someone else who will patch it and use it themselves. As mentioned it's just extra trash for the landfill and extra resources wasted to make more tubes.
  • thanks for the replies slightly mixed review!

    I will repair mine and buy a new one as well just in case.

    I guess there is no harm stocking up!

    Are halfords tubes any worse than the continental tubes?
    Of the tubes I've repaired - when they're other peoples they seem to work, when they're mine they seem to leak :roll: So I replace my own but will gladly help patch a riding mate's if necessary!

    I once was forced to buy some Halfords tubes as had 2 flats on the one ride. They seemed think and heavy to me but did the job. I prefer Michelin tubes and Conti valves are hard to pull out of the pumpheads on Topeak pumps. Only reason though. Vittoria's have the removable valves which come unscrewed if you use co2 in my experience. So make mine a Michelin I'm afraid :D
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    I generally patch them a couple of times if it's a small hole not on a seam otherwise I usually bin rather than take the risk (but yeah they're also useful for cutting up for bike mounts etc.)
  • I use 'em to hog-tie roadrage drivers, (once I stop 'em, usually by swinging a B&Q Stanley Antivibe Hammer into the windscreen).
  • nah i just sling em into the undergrowth,no only joking,I take them home but dont bother fixing them, i cut them up into bands to wrap round the seat stem clamp on my winter bikes to keep the crud from getting in, works a treat,ive been lucky with punctures ive only had two in 20 ish thousand miles on the road and none on the three sets of Conti 4000S tyres ive used/using so far.
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