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C2C this weekend

diamondbackerdiamondbacker Posts: 223
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Well, me and my Dad decided to do a decent chunk of the C2C this weekend. The intention was to do from Chester-le-Street (near where I live) to Keswick one day then back the next.

My Dads about 60 now and had just about recovered from a chest infection (not the ideal preparation).

Going east to west is damned hard. The climbs are long and in a strong headwind with sleet and hail higher up (in freakin' August!) meant that my Dad had to call it quits and we decided to stay in Alston after a small detour. Coming back the next day despite some of the steep climbs at Stanhope etc it was comparatively easy and we made good time!

Were we just unlucky on the first day or is it always like this when going east to west? No wonder people tend to do it the other way.

Still really enjoyed it mind both days.


  • Never done it before, but I live just up the road from yourself, a few hundred yards from the track and quite often take a trip of varying lengths up there. And yup, I wouldn't recommend traveling from east to west. All the way from Sunderland, up to Stanhope, is a killer. You'll nearly always be facing a headwind, and if that wind's mild, it'll not be by the time you reach the moors. You may find some breaks after that, but it keeps on climbing. There's a very good reason people come the other way. :wink:
  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    bro and a few mates did this a few months back,but did it west to east,started in st bees and finished at robin hoods bay,they found it hard doing it this way in lakes,plenty of hike a bike,never mind east to west,they did it over 3 days,i joined them on last leg from osmotherley to robin hoods bay.
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