Planet X Nanocarbon Hi Mod Owners Opinion Required

donnie murdo
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Anyone got one of these yet?

Almost at the 'Buy Button' stage and would like to know what actual owners think of these as reviews seem a bit sparse on this bike/frameset at the moment?



  • Im very interested as well, i dont think the 6/10 given does justice, and now that its lighter and stiffer, Id like a re-evauation. Please. The Sram RED offer with their 50 carbons is making me drool..........
    Must go faster.
  • GraemeT
    GraemeT Posts: 155
    I've got one on order but its still not arrived!!!

    Its driving me mad. Every day I go home early and when I get there I'm like the kid that Santa forgot :(

    Maybe it will arrive today...
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  • GraemeT
    GraemeT Posts: 155
    She's arrived :D and she's lovely :D

    7kg on my scales.

    Only had a short ride but all seems well. The frame seems very stiff and responsive. I've not been up to speed or down a hill yet so I haven't experienced the 'twitchy' feeling that Planet-X are sometimes critisised for. I'll be leaving work early today again to go for a blast so I'll know more later.

    The SRAM shifters are fantastic. I was a bit apprehensive, thinking that I might be shifting the wrong way all over the place, but it's very intuitive and very sharp. I just need to stop trying to shift down with the brake lever now :roll:

    There seems to be plenty of tyre clearance with 23mm tyres, so I'm not sure what all the fuss is about this issue.

    I also searched for reviews and opinions before I bought, but they are thin on the ground. In the end I thought the package was such a good deal that it was worth a try. I think reviews are generally quite subjective. The products need to be differentiated between but the differences may be quite small. I'm not sure that I'd notice the difference in many cases. I liked the look of this bike, the spec and the price. I personally think that someone would have to be very difficult to please to not be happy with the purchase of one of these.
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  • Sill awaiting delivery of mine, the websites quoted bike build queue of 12 days is clearly wrong as so far I've waited 17 days without hearing anything. I hope I'm not going to be disappointed.
  • nferrar
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    Don't have one myself but know a couple of people that do, one's had it a week or two and is very happy the other had his first ride out last night and seemed happy enough. I'd agree they should review it again but I guess Planet-X don't pay enough 'advertising'
  • Finally have mine.
    Just slightly over 7kg with pedals (large)
    The frame tubes are much bigger than they appear in the photos.
    No problems with tyre clearance - 6mm each side with 22C tyres
    Overall build quality of both frame and complete bike appears to be very good.
    Feels comfortable to ride.
    Will let you know how it climbs once it stops raining.