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garrynolangarrynolan Posts: 560
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... to ask this? I want to put an avatar with my signature. The size is 64 x 72 pixels - well within the 80 x 80 limit. However, it has to be smaller than 10 KB. How do I find out how big it is in KB and how do I reduce this? It is a .PNG file - if I need to change this as well how do I do it? Thanks in advance and please keep the jargon to a minimum as I'm a bit thick :) .
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  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667
    If you have the file saved somewhere then you should be able to hover your mouse over it and a little box comes up with it's name and file size. If not then right click on the file and click properties, this should give u all the info. If it's too big then it's prob because it's a png file, change it to a gif or jpg. Just open it up and save as gif or jpg
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