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Hi, I am new to this forum but returning to cycling after a 15-20 year break. I had some look carbon pro pedals that were really good in their day. I still have them and they are still running incredibly smooth. My question is, the pedals are from the early 90's, can you still get the cleats?


  • Smokin Joe
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    Should be able to, I believe Look Delta cleats fit the older pedals. I hope so anyway because mine are ten years old though brand new as I only found them in a box in the loft recently having been there since we moved in, long forgotten.

    An pedal & cleat anorak will shortly be along to confirm or otherwise.
  • Darren74
    Darren74 Posts: 25
    Thanks for the reply. Never heard of the 'delta' before. Looked it up and found a page saying ' The Look Delta cleat is the original Look cleat'. Think I'll be fitting them to my bike again!!
  • rockmount
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    Yep .... deltas are still going strong, available with or without float. They also fit Ritchey Pro Peletons.
    .. who said that, internet forum people ?