Gearing for pursuits on 250m indoor track

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I am considering having a crack at the individual pursuit this (Australian) season, having developed some good road time trial condition. I would welcome suggestions on what gearing I should use, what other gears I should have for training etc - I would love somebody to give me a shopping list of chainrings and sprockets.

Also, I see that there are 1/8 and 3/32 chains etc now. Which pitch should I be using (when I last raced on the track, 25 years ago, it was all 1/8)?

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  • Eddy S
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    This is a real tough thing to answer as gear selection is such a personal thing and often discussed amongst track racers.

    I have chainrings from 46 – 52 and sprockets 13 – 15 which should give me endless options.

    I tend to use gears in the 84.6 to 94.5 range but I’m a high leg speed sprinter rather then a pursuiter.

    Maybe 48, 49 and 50 chainrings plus 14 and 15 sprockets will get you going with enough range to work on leg speed in lower gears (you'll get 86) plus giving you some possible race gear options until you understand if you want something bigger then 96.4.

    If you’re only ever going to ride IP the 3/32" pitch will be fine (lighter and supposedly less drag) although I tend to recommend 1/8" for strength and longevity.

    If you’ve not found it yet, have a look at the Fixed Gear Fever forum – it’s a dedicated track racing site with an international membership, some very knowledgeable members and some useful material in the download section which should help you with your IP approach. It has also has threads such as this one which is why I won’t stick my neck out to say what gear you should ride on...! LOL! 8)

    Hope that helps.
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    That is all very helpful.