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Le Tour du Mont Blanc.... 2011 date?

KKBKKB Posts: 28
Anybody out there got any info on when/if the date has been set for next year yet?
I have emailed sport communication with the same question with no success.

Just trying to fit it in to the plans if possible as we missed it this year.


  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    Just do the ride yourself. Plenty of shops along the way to get water/fruit etc. Only difference is you won't get a certificate or a medal. Audax riders love the Mille Miligia in Italy which they do unsupported AFAIK and that's a bigger distance (1000km+).

    If you went with your partner/a mate, they could drive ahead and carry any spare kit/food etc and take your lights off you,hand you bidons etc.
  • It's 16th July 2011. I'm thinking about it, but may be a problem with school holidays.... :wink: .
  • KKBKKB Posts: 28
    Thanks for that.
    Is there a website or link for that besides the sport communication one? Have tried but can't seem to get it.
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