Help needed as need a new bike !

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I currently have a Boardman team size large (halfords recommended) I have struggled for a year but really need a Medium size bike 54" (im 5`10 & 13stone)

I do struggle with hills and want a full carbon, would like a cannondale Six Carbon as first choice and then Specialized Roubaix,

i want compact gearing but have been offered a few Specialized Tarmac with double gearing.

I need help as dont wont to get the wrong bike, needs to be light as well and can afford a second hand one, budget of £1000 max



  • Pretre
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    Find a decent bike shop, test them out then buy
  • Anonymous
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    The weight won't help you with hills that much, if at all, but the gearing would...

    Get theeself to a decent bike shop, try a couple out...
  • TBH, now considering a frame change as the kit on my Team Boardman is ok, just need a Medium?