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Hope vision 4 faulty

ben222ben222 Posts: 2
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i purchased a hope vision 4 last year and only used it five time . after a full charge last night and used for 30 mins on flash the next day the light was dead. Have put back on charge but charger is saying full yet light is still dead. Has anyone experienced any problem with them or has any advice . Have been told hope a realy good with customers so have sent them an email but awaiting there reply thanks


  • strafestrafe Posts: 1
    I have had a similar issue with the vision 2. Found that the issue with the PSU was down to the plug connection between the battery and the supply. If this connection is a wee bit iffy the PSU LED will be green even though the battery is discharged. I found putting a small sliver of paper into the plug provided enough of a snug fit for the male/femail connection to be fully made. Note, always make the connection with the battery before plugging in to the mains.
    I also do this on the battery /light connection as I was getting intermittent operation there as well. I know it all sounds a bit Heath Robinson, however it's simple and it works. Hope this helps (no pun intended). Cheers
  • it's lithium and doesn't like being totally flat for long periods of time, the battery sounds dead. ring hope, they have fantastic customer service. they replaced mine there and then for free.
    Cotic Soul rider.
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