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Hiscox will insure my bike as long as I'm not riding it.

odichuodichu Posts: 116
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Have to love insurance companies.

Just finished a conversation with Hiscox about insuring my bike, which is pretty good value I thought at £75 PA. II asked for a summary of the cover and it's all sounding good until the part where the guy from hiscox says that whilst I am actually riding the bike it wont be covered.



  • dodgydodgy Posts: 2,890
    Nothing unusual about that.
  • When my mum got mine added onto the house insurance, the woman on the other end told her it would only be insured whilst on our property. My mum replied with "well, he's hardly going to ride round the sodding garage is he?".

    Managed to get cover under any circumstances :twisted:
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  • odichuodichu Posts: 116
    Nothing unusual about that.

    It wouldn't be , except the bike is covered up to a value of £1000 under the policy I currently have for contents insurance, I can ride it (because that's what bikes are generally for) and claim should I be unfortunate enough to have an accident. If I pay an extra premium specifically for my new bike up to a value of £2500 I am no longer covered whilst riding it.

    I think its unusual as the price of a bike doesn't change it from being a non sporting item to a sporting item, especially when roadies are on sale for far less than a £1k.
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