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What size chainrings can I use on this Alfine crankset?

nichnich Posts: 888
edited August 2010 in Commuting general

So I've got one of these. It's an Alfine FC-S500

Can I use any size chainring on this (assuming it's 5bolt). I'm toying with the idea of going from 45T to 42T to make things a bit easier.

I'm just a bit confused, as it says it's available in 45T (which I have) or 39T, so I don't know whether these are my only two options...



  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,549
    You can fit any 130mm BCD chainring (that's pretty much all of them). However, you won't have the chain guide, these are only made to fit the 45t or 39t rings.
  • nichnich Posts: 888
    Cheers! :)
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