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The climb, the drop, the fall...

DiscoStinkDiscoStink Posts: 5
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I've recently bought a new mountain bike to get fit again and found this website not long after. I've not been on a bike since my younger days (i'm 31), so have been sticking to routes that are fairly easy in Bury & Manchester.

Anyway, today I decided to make a charge up to Peel Tower on Holcombe Hill in Bury. My fitness isn't brilliant just yet and my decision making with gears is a little slow, but it's getting there!

Headed across Holcombe Moor, great. Spotted a quite steep descent, but I thought "what the hell". Dropped my seat and away I went. God only know what speed I reached but as I got to the bottom I realised I had taken the wrong line and was on course to hit a drop off of around 4ft. Do I try and jump it? No as at the bottom it was mud so the wheels would likely get stuck and throw me off. Hmmmm.... *BANG* too late. I went over the handlebars and hit the dirt, falling into the dip. No harm done, but damn, what fun. A lesson learnt, but I still had a smile on my face - I had a quick look to see if anyone had seen me :D

It was a brilliant ride made even more enjoyable by fellow riders who I met along the route. Such a friendly bunch. Even a road cyclist had the decency to stop and ask if I was alright (I was adjusting my seat back to its normal height), obviously realising that I'd taken a tumble with all the mud stuck to me.

I could get addicted to this.


  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,767
    Good man.

    Sounds like you got the right attitude bar for the thinking about the mud, the proper response to this situation is...can i make it.. hmm probably not, next thought can i stop.. probably not.. final answer ah censored lets fly! woooo :p
  • Davy-gDavy-g Posts: 401
    wtg.. having fun and enjoying oneself is what MTB is all about.... you have a little fall then you just get back on the bike again....

    MTB vocabulary consists of F**K, F**K, F**K! means you nearly fell off, and then there is F**K!, which means you fell off :wink::wink:

    and welcome to the forums..
  • Next time I'll definitely go for the jump. If I had, then the bike wouldn't have landed on me, i'd have simply flown over the bars while the bike was static in the mud.
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