Recommended bikes on a £800 - £1,200 budget

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to road bikes and would like to spend around £800 - £1,200 on a bike.

My C2W scheme is with Halfords, so i'm tempted to go with the easy Boardman option, but should I be spending the cash on something else like a Cannondale or Focus?

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated


  • Wamas
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    Get the Boardman Team Carbon!! Best value money bike out there IMHO, except they just put £200 pounds on the price, so maybe not as good value as it was.
    Also, depending on the store, they might not let you put £200 towards it.

    The Foucs Cayo and Cannondale CAAD9 are good bikes too though.
  • mcoj
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    I got the Team Carbon (when it was still £1,000) and I have to say it really does live up to the hype it gets!