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Fading paint

leejdaviesleejdavies Posts: 217
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I have a 20 month old wilier mortirolo white and the frame has, over the past year or so, slowing been changing colour. Leaving me with a patchy cream and white frame.

Any advice? Is it a case of putting up with it?
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  • ilm_zero7ilm_zero7 Posts: 2,213
    A known defect in Taiwan made bikes
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  • johncpjohncp Posts: 302
    A known defect in Taiwan made bikes


    Trying to be a little more helpful... I had a problem with the white bits on an Izoard going yellowy about 2 years ago, so similar vintage to your bike, and it was dealt with as a warranty problem - there seems to have been a dodgy batch. Lagavulin had same issue at same time. New frame has been fine. try dealer/importer?
    Good luck!
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  • MrChuckMrChuck Posts: 1,663
    A known defect in Taiwan made bikes

    Eh? You mean 99% of bikes then?
  • ilm_zero7ilm_zero7 Posts: 2,213
    No Wilier transfered the production about 18 months ago I have heard and the new painting plant had a problem.
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  • LagavulinLagavulin Posts: 1,688
    Contact ATB Sales Ltd. They'll likely tell you to return the bike to your place of purchase and have them contact their warranty department.

    After 20 months you could be coming towards the end of your warranty period (2 years on Wiliers - although I could almost swear my original 2008 Izoard came with 3 years) so best act reasonably quickly.

    I have been a bit critical of the fact Wiliers only come with a two year warranty in the past - and that it might make me think twice about another - but at least it appears to be worth the card it is written on. You read about people having bother with manufacturers honouring life-time warranties and having a nightmare when it comes to making a claim.

    I know at least half a dozen people who've had problems with discolouring Izoards but first I've read of Mortirolos with a similar issue.

    Replacement frame (since July '09) has been fine.
  • leejdaviesleejdavies Posts: 217
    Contacted the dealer and sent over some photos of the issue. Apparently it should be covered by the warrranty. As lagavulin said they seem to be good with warranties.

    Next question, Will they supply a frame that has the same paint job albeit with new paint…

    Or do I have to go with a newer design?! I prefer the design of mine over the new ones. :oops:

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