racing 3 Vs rs80

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nearly got the doh together for my new wheels and will prob go for the racing3s but have seen a good offer on the rs 80 laminates too, whats anybodys opinion on the comparison/differences? wheels are for training, hills, sportive & poss race in nera future
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  • Dodger747
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    I've got Fulcrums on my Wilier and love them.

    Really stiff [well I'm only 54kg :lol:] , look good and well built. 8)
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  • Anonymous
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    The RS80s for me because the rim is fantastic.

    Nice and light but somehow seem to ride silky smooth...
  • I cannot comment on the racing 3's but I havethe RS80'sand they are great - look good, spin well and lightweight (i upgraded from Aksiums)
  • jmeadows
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    cheers guys now i am more confused! the r3s seem to be classed as bombproof, are the rs80s strong? cost wise the rs80s are slightly cheaper but nothing much, so either way they are both good buys?
    never hurts your eyes to look on the bright side of life...
  • spasypaddy
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    with the racing 3s, ive snapped a spoke and the bearings went all very quickly after purchase. changing a spoke on it is a complete ballache as well due to the sealed rim
  • jmeadows
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    cheers for responses all
    Spasyp- i have read a few reviews saying the same as you, so thats a big negative eh?
    you know what its like, i like the look of the racing 3s better but the wheels seem well matched with the rs 80s poss less problematic, if only i had a crystal ball, i would hate to end up with a problem wheel so maybe the rs80s are a better bet,
    thanks again :)
    never hurts your eyes to look on the bright side of life...