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ginger J
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Thinking towards a wet autumn/winter and a desire to have warm dry feet.....
What's the best road shoe covers out there for warmth and waterproof???
Any ideas / recomendations ????




  • Have just ordered some Endura Road Waterproof Overshoes which I'm hoping will do the trick. Can't comment on how good they are as I haven't used them. Reviews seem reasonable though
  • RonB
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    Good luck with your search. I have the Pro neoprene ones but I wouldn't rate them particularly highly. They do a good job in terms of keeping your feet warm and dry but the under-sole velcro closures are a bit rubbish really and are forever coming undone.
  • ginger J
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    There seem to be SO many on the market, and lots of issues with water getting into the shoe from some peoples experience. Don't want a pair that are gonna bake my feet as well.

  • andyrr
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    Used P-X ones as well as otehrs - neoprene is not waterproof so water does get in, also on really cold dry days they can still let the cold air freeze your toes so they aren't a magic bullet for winter. Maybe wellies with carbon soles and cleats are the answer.
  • ginger J
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    You might have a good idea there.......
    Like the idea !!!!!

  • amaferanga
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    Doesn't matter what you wear, your feet will get wet eventually be it from the rain or water on the roads or from sweat. Thick neoprene overshoes like the Endura Road will keep your feet warmish even when wet on coldish days.

    But IME the Endura have rubbish zips. I'd recommend you try something else.
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    Neoprene does let water in (in wet suits) as your body heat warms the water against your skin. BBB ones are OK for the money but water will get in thro' the top and wick down tights/socks. The trick is to keep the wind off the water to stop you getting cold.
  • gsk82
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    i bought some pro neoprene ones last winter. on the first couple of rides i noticed half way through that there was no feling in my toes, on both occasions i looked down to see that the toe cover part had peeled up over the shoe. and yes they were the right size per the size chart.

    ive had no problems with my tatty old dhb ones but wiggle dont seem to be doing them anymore
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