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Tire size

AluminiumHorseAluminiumHorse Posts: 3
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Hi, first post :) im now the proud owner of 2007 Specialized Sirrus trying to start riding last time i owned a bike was years ago :) but anyway

the bike came with 700x28 tires but i wanted alittle more meat on the rims while keeping the noice down, would 700x35 urban tires fit my stock rim?

thanks for your help, hope to meet some of you on the road soon


  • Welcome! They should do, yes, but check out the clearances - whether there's enough space between rim and guards/brakes/fork.

    Get them as smooth as possible - if you're on the road there's no future in grooves or knobbly bits!
  • Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
    Welcome also. To be honest, 28mm should be fine, unless you wanting to go on real off road, rougher stuff. I run 28mm on the Tricross and that is fine for all manner of surfaces - canal paths etc. Down to 25mm at the moment for touring and road work, but will go back to the 28mm for winter.
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  • thanks guys, i say the new Diamond Back Insight with the 700x32 and it looked a little more comfortable/forgiving for nyc driving "not the smoothest roads" :)
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