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I'm thinking of using this or something similar on my new bike;
is this sort of product good for winter? or summer?
will it help me keep the bike cleaner?
does the wax fill gaps so dirt can't get in and therefore make parts last longer?




  • Jimbo.
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    Like any lube, some rave about it, others hate it.

    Personally, I don't buy this "wax" thing: how often do you see it used in other chain/sprocket applications? IIRC the big fall down is that the wax, once "set", will not flow to replace wax that's been displaced, thus offers only short-term protection against wear.

    Just use whatever (chain?) oil you can get, relubing and cleaning regularly. How you use it is much, much more important that what you use...
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    Jimbo. wrote:

    Just use whatever (chain?) oil you can get, relubing and cleaning regularly. How you use it is much, much more important that what you use...

    +1... just keep the chain well lubed with whatever you choose to use.
    FWIW it is NOT necessary to use some "so called" bike chain specfic lube. Even
    common oil will work very well, yet some(bike lube manufacturers) would have you believe that only lube that comes in small bottle and cost a lot of money will work.
  • topdude
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    Buy a litre of engine oil, it is perfect for the chain and will last forever.
    GT85 or 3in1 for other moving parts.
    Clean the chain with GT85 on a cloth / lube with oil / wipe off excess.
    No need for overpriced bike lubes :D
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  • Have found it to be an excellent summer lube that seems to last longer than a few other lubes I've used, did a 24 hr race recently and only re applied at the 12 hour point.

    Chain and cassette stay surprisingly clean.
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    I use it in the summer. Keeps the chain looking clean-ish because as the wax picks up dirt it tends to flake off. (you'll find you need to wipe the bits off the chainstay periodically) Being water based, you have to apply it, then let it dry before riding, which can be a pain. Drivechain is fairly quiet, so it sounds like it's doing the job it's meant to do in terms of lubrication.

    No good really in the wet / winter. Takes too long to dry after application, and it doesn't seem to stop the sideplates of the chain rusting like a decent coating of oil does. Bit pricy to be re-applying after every wet ride too. That's when your litre of motor oil comes into it's own.
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    thanks all for the advice, though if I'm using engine oil should I get the magnitech? :) it's just I'm spending a fair wedge on this bike and I want to feel like i'm treating it specially (don't let my girlfriend know that I'm already in a lot of trouble for buying it in the first place! it should be her that's getting the special treatment)
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    Magnatech is just marketing bollocks. just get the cheapest 10W xx multigrade in Tesco.

    Or get some baby oil, then you can give them both a rub down at the same time!
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    I don't get the complaints about the cost of specific bike lubes - compared to other consumables, e.g. tyres & chains particularly, the cost is very small indeed. And the better bike-specific products (e.g. ProLink, which I wholeheartedly recommend unless you're regularly riding in foul weather, in which case an oil-based lube is better) work extremely well both at lubricating and keeping the drivetrain clean with minimal effort.
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    I love SquirtLube - I've been using it for about a year now and my drivetrain has been very clean the whole time - even through the winter which I was surprised by.

    I used to use ProLink Gold but found it dropped mucky stuff all over my bike. Squirt has been very clean and easy to use.

    Cheap too - I've only bought 2 of the larger sizes in a year and the second one is still half full - once you've got it on you don't need to use too much.
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