Dura Ace 7850CL Wheels/7900 hubs

mike ives
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I am intending on purchasing some wheels in the not too distant future and had settled on the idea of a pair of DA7850CL. However, I presume the 7900 are a newer, better quality hub and different to that used on the DA7850 wheels.

Am I right in suggesting some handmade wheels using the 7900 hubs might be a better option and can anyone tell me the difference between these two hub types and if one is of better quality than the other?


  • Jimbo.
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    IIRC the party-trick of the 7850s is the rim and the build itself.
    And re. 78xx vs. "better quality" 7900...it's not as if the 78xx's are all of a sudden "rubbish"!
  • mike ives
    mike ives Posts: 319
    Thanks for the reply. I take your point about the overall build, especially the rime.

    I wasn't suggesting the 7850s were rubbish, on the contrary I have heard nothing but good reviews on the forum. However, I am currently using some older versions of Dura Ace hubs and they freewheel a lot better than the 7850s a friend has just purchased recently.

    Granted I expect his to roll a bit better after some more use but then mine have only recently been serviced and this included replacing a cone and the bearings.

    I am just looking at the difference in getting my next wheels hand built using 7900 hubs or buying a set of 7850CLs and looking for suggestions.
  • Pretre
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    New Wh7900-C24's are out in about a month - best of both worlds!
  • mike ives
    mike ives Posts: 319
    Excellent. I will wait and see what develops in terms of price and press reviews and then probably make a decision from there.

    Thanks for the info.