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Uplift days (Innerleithen)

Rob-Is-On-FireRob-Is-On-Fire Posts: 142
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Me and some friends are thinking of doing an uplift day at innerleithen in the near future. We're compedent mountain bikers and have just come back from riding downhill in Les Gets.

Does anyone have a tips in regards to uplift days?

Thanks guys


  • Thanks for the link, but i know about the actual uplift. I'm just looking for advice that people have gained from their experiences doing uplift days, e.g. make sure your there and ready to good for the first bus extra early so you can ... (insert advice).

    Anyone got 2-cents on the matter?
  • use the contact box and Craig or Tally will advise....simples really :lol:

    might be better asking on some of the DH sites, not seen many, if any post re Inners uplifts on here ... ithen.html ... genum=1360
  • Used to use the uplift a fair bit. My top tips...

    Don´t worry about getting the 1st bus, I never made it once. You´ll have plenty of vertical by the time you´re done.
    After the bus push to the top. The trails up there are nice and also it lets everyone clear away from the hill. It´s never that busy anyway but I found it more relaxing to know all the pinners were off ahead of me.
    The best trails there aren´t marked, follow your nose and there´s some amazing stuff out there.
    There´s normally a wee van there for coffee, tea and food. It used to vary who was there and sometimes it was fantastic and others it wasn´t so good. I normally take my own food.

    It´s a fantastic day, really knackering. Just make sure you don´t waste too much time on Make or Break, the other trails there are much better IMHO:
  • Cheers for the tips. Can't wait to give it a go!

    I am looking forward to hammering Make or Brake a couple of times, entirely for the amount of air time you can get off those jumps. But yes, i wish to spread my wings a bit more and try the other trails there. Always been a bit daunted by them due to the closeness of the trees, but there's no way i'm just going to repeat make or brake all day.

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