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Commuting between Cirencester and Malmesbury

SullFSullF Posts: 3
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I'm moving from London to Cirencester soon, and plan on cyling to work in Malmesbury. Obvious route is along the A429, but I wondered whether anyone here has experience of this: what's the road like, are the drivers likely to mow you down? Also, anyone know of any better routes - on a road bike so single track not much good.



  • zaneszanes Posts: 563
    A429 is reasonable enough to cycle on, not had any problems with car drivers that I can think of although it (obviously) is a single carriageway A road and gets a fair amount of traffic. A433 to get onto it from ciren is a bit of a b*gger though.

    Depending on where you are in Ciren a much quieter (country lanes) route would be Siddington-Ewen-outskirts of Kemble-Oaksey-Eastcourt-Hankerton-Charlton although it would be longer.
  • risris Posts: 392
    i've only ever driven it, i don't recall any of it being particularly bad. it's single carriageway and the speed limit changes quite a bit through there. you'll be wanting some good lights as i'm fairly sure the roads are unlit. if there is a b-road alternative, like zanes suggests, then might be worth a go.
  • SullFSullF Posts: 3
    Thanks for the helpful info guys.
  • zaneszanes Posts: 563
    As ris says, the roads are unlit apart from through kemble and a little bit through crudwell. Disgraceful amount of light pollution though.
  • markp2markp2 Posts: 162
    I wolud do the Ewen Oaksey Hankerton route. Nice and quiet if a bit longer. You might even get a tow behind one of my Mum's tractors going through Charlton!
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