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Wobbly Front Wheel

Blue MeanieBlue Meanie Posts: 495
edited August 2010 in The workshop
Comes fitted as standard with no axle lock-nuts. And only has spanner flats on one cone.
Currently, i fit the front wheel, and tighten the track nut on the side that has no spanner flats on the cone.
Using a cone spanner, i tighten the other cone until it's too tight (too much pre-load/slight 'grinch').
Then tighten the other track nut (spanner flat cone side), and back the cone off until it's 'nice'.

Question is...
Which way should the wheel go? If the spanner flat equipped cone is on the right hand side, it loosens off after about 70miles. If it goes the other way round it might 'self-tighten' and risk the cup/cone and bearings on an otherwise beautiful 40yr old front wheel.

Any experience with this sort of wheel or recommendations?
FCN16 - 1970 BSA Wayfarer

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