Bib shorts \ lights \waterproofs

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Its my birthday tommorrow - and with by birthday cash I need to buy the following items:-

Bibshorts - up to around £50 - any recommendations - thought of giordanna ?

Rear Light for Commutting - MARS 4 seems to be thing - anyone know of any deals ?

Cheapish waterproof jacket - maybe one of those clear jobbies ?

Any recommendations\bargains appreciated.


  • giant_man
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    Rear light for commuting - the Smart 1/2 watt surely? OR the same light but 1 watt, available from wiggle but it's the only place it is available from I think.
  • bendertherobot
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    Bibshorts has to be Finchdean at the moment surely? And if you tip your Wiggle basket over £50, update your details to get the £5 off voucher.
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  • keef66
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    Shutt VR standard bibshorts apparently excellent quality and VFM @ £30 if they have your size in stock

    Rear light, smart super-something 1 1/2w. Tiny and very bright. (Mine got nicked off one of the kid's bikes :( )

    No idea about jackets
  • psychle
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    Fudges are doing the Smart 1/2W at half price. They also list the Smart 1W but the 1/2W is so insanely bright I can't get my head around why anyone would need double the power.

    +1 DHB Finchdean shorts seem good value at the moment.

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