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george3108george3108 Posts: 2
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Hi I am fairly new to world of bikes and 2 years ago bought a Land Rover Chagin as a starter hybrid style bike.

Now at stage where I can't get anymore than just over 11 mph average on a fairly hilly commute. (Nothing huge)

Bike has starter pack gearing and is now getting to me as all and sundry on droop handle bars go past me like I wasn't there.
I am thinking of getting a new bike (hybrid) and read about Boardman Hybrid Pro Ltd on the site but want to ask if there are others I should look at.

Should I be getting more from theChagin and a new bike won't help



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    I recently bought a Specialized Sirrus Elite hybrid (RRP £650). Quite fast and comfortable flat bar bike, but with upright riding position still not as fast as most drop bar bikes, but you will probably notice a big difference from your starter hybrid if that is a cheap and heavy bike. I also have a drop bar touring bike but I prefer the hybrid for commuting in traffic.
  • The Marin ALP range is worth a look, use mine for commuting but have done a couple of triathlons on it as well. Plenty quick enough
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