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Canyon Ultimate CF pro SRAM red ::UPDATE::

odichuodichu Posts: 116
edited September 2010 in Your road bikes
Finished my Canyon Build and thought I'd share before I rode it. Actually don't want to get it dirty. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Damn UK summer rain!!!


Frame: Canyon Ultimate CF
Forks: Canyon One One Four SL
Bars: FSA Omega Compact
Stem: Ritchey WCS 4-Axis
Headset: Acros Ai-70
Bar Tape: SRAM cork white

Front Brake Lever: SRAM red
Front Caliper: SRAM red
Rear Brake Lever: SRAM red
Rear Caliper: SRAM red

Shifters: SRAM red
Cables: Gore Ride-On
Front Mech: SRAM red
Rear Mech: SRAM red

Seat: Selle Italia gel
Seat Post: Ritchey WCS carbon
Seat Post Clamp: Ritchey

Cranks: SRAM red
Chainring(s): SRAM red
Chain: KMC
Cassette: SRAM red
Pedals: Keo look classic
Bottom Bracket: SRAM GXP

Front Wheel: Shimano 7850 Dura Ace CL
Tube:Specialzed Turbo
Tire: Schwalbe Durano

Back Wheel: Shimano 7850 Dura Ace CL
Tube: Specialzed Turbo
Tire: Schwalbe Durano

Weight: illegal


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    That looks great mate, really slick!

    Glad you took a pic before a week's worth of riding on the white tyres though! :o
  • odichuodichu Posts: 116
    Thanks NapD

    Me too!

    Tyres were purchased purely for aesthetics as a reminder of my first build.
    I'll be in gator skins in 2 weeks!!!
  • if you don't mind my asking;

    how much did it cost
    what size frame is that
    how tall are you

    no doubt, a stunning bike.
  • brucebannerbrucebanner Posts: 256
    edited August 2010
  • odichuodichu Posts: 116
    Thank you, Brucebanner,

    It cost in total with bar tape and tools for building about £2400, I had the look keos already.

    It's a size 52 and I am 5' 7"
  • leeroy72leeroy72 Posts: 330
    Yes very nice bike..I bet you cant keep it that clean for long...give us a review when you've given her a good ride.....I dare bet its very stiff with it being a small frame... 8)
    Find your limits...and then exceed them frequently
  • odichuodichu Posts: 116
    Just thought I'd share what it's like to ride and a couple of other bits.

    Stiffness : As mentioned being on the small side at 52cm it's incredibly stiff which has taken a bit of getting used to, especially out of the seat and really stamping on the pedals. Big exertion requires a bit of confidence as the lightness to stiffness ratio made for some interesting wobbles that I've learned to overcome by basically being well strong :).

    Comfort: I have spent a few of hours on it and really like the overall distance between seat and bars, I'm 5,7" and could do 6hrs on it switching between hoods and drops without a single grimace.

    Hills: It loves em and so do I (now), the wheels come into their own here and I can't congratulate myself enough for buying the dura ace 7850's .I never really thought that a wheel upgrade would amount to much but I notice them on hills and on a good flat road at 15-20mph. Excellent.

    SRAM red
    : Brilliant shifting, absolutely love it. Bit of chain rub but I don't use the gears that do rub. The front shift is especially light compared to the way I used to have to do finger weight training to get the rival from small to big.

    It's the perfect bike for me but I can recommend the frame for it's stiffness especially in the smaller sizes as well as being a bike I can spend big chunks of time on without fear of any kind of aching from the position I've been in for 4+hrs.
  • EKIMIKEEKIMIKE Posts: 2,232
    Good to hear it. I've come to pretty much the same conclusions with my Canyon (56cm).

    When you inject the power into your pedal strokes you better be ready to go because it's an extremely aggressive frame. It really does respond to everything you do. To put it in perspective, i'm not really built for climbing but on this frame i can actually get a good kick of acceleration if needed on the hills. It just feels 'efficient' going up hills.

    I've found the grometry (short top tup and tall head tube) mean that i make better use of the drops without any dis-comfort. Great when you're in a stiff headwind.
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