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2 weeks in St Albans

missgroovermissgroover Posts: 263
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Anyone in the area that could show me the local trails (if there are any!) one evening?
I've got a short term placement in the area but i don't know it at all - never been.
Ideally the week 6th - 10th Sept as I'm there all week.

Let me know so I know whether to take my gear down on the Sunday evening!



  • These very friendly chaps aren't far from StaleBuns. I rode with them as a guest back in springtime. Maybe worth a look?
    "Consider the grebe..."
  • There's an informal group go out from The Jolly Sailor on Sandridge Rd on Sat morning (8am) and on Tues evening (8pm).

    Sometimes just 3 or four of us, sometimes 12 or fifteen. Usually 2 - 2.5 hrs. Huge variety of fitness, abilities etc.

    Friendly bunch. All welcome.
  • Sorry I haven't got back to you - I knackered my knee and broke my helmet the weekend before last and so have been off the bike. I am going to try a gentle ride this weekend and see how the knee goes - also have a new skid lid!
    So I may be interested in meeting up next Tuesday, as that will actually be my last night here. Whereabouts is the Jolly Sailer, is it in St A?
    I am based on the Hatfield Rd in Smallford (?). Could you advise directions or give me a postcode?
  • Sorry to hear about your knee and lid. What happened?

    The Jolly Sailor is at the intersection of Sandpit Lane and Sandridge Rd. So, from Smallford get on to Sandpit Lane and follow it all the way towards St Albans. It's only a couple of miles or so. There's a bench in front of the pub where we congregate.

    Around this time of year, The Jollies switch from Tuesday to Thursday nights, but there should be one last Tuesday night ride next week.

    Bring some good lights.
  • Oh nothing exciting, adjuster on lid just died after 5 years of use and I think the knee was an overuse type of strain. Went out on the road yesterday just gently and it was ok.
    I'll bring my gear down when I go back tomorrow but could you text me to confirm that people will be out on Tues if I pm my number to you? No point me going out on my own as I'll just get lost and definately won't be around on Thurs. Cheers :)
  • Emails have been flying this morning. We are go for tonight even if it's still raining.

    8pm from the Jolly Sailor on Sandridge Rd.

    We usually do Sandrigebury, Riflebuts, Symonshyde, Ayot Greenway, Brocket Hall Golf Course.... Takes around 2hrs.
  • Just wanted to say thanks for last night - enjoyed both the riding and the company. I'll look you up again if I happen to be in that neck of the woods or if you're heading north give me a shout :)
  • A pleasure. Glad you enjoyed. I'll stick the route up on Strava when I get a chance. So you can see where we were. At one point we weren't very far from where you were staying.

    You did really well on those first two drop offs. In the dark on a route you hadn't seen before... respect.

    And apologies from P for the tactless axe-murder references during the spookiest bits.

  • :lol::lol::lol:

    Only just seen your response - made me chuckle!
  • We've made the change from Tuesdays to Thursdays for winter.

    So if you're ever down this way again it's Sat 8am and Thurs 7:30pm from The Jolly Sailor on Sandridge Rd.

    Anybody near St Albans fancy a pootle? All welcome.
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