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Going to the Swiss Alps this weekend....have conti 4000s. Back wheel has about 6 nicks and 1 nick I can see the cord belt or whatever, its small. I was thinking of swapping my rear trye with a Veloflex pave 22C. Running a 23C on front and a 22C on the back? Would this cause any issues? I've always had 23C's. (I could fill the nick with glue another alternative)..........just don't want to buy another £35 tyre when I have a new 22C that was given to me a while ago.

any suggestions out there.


  • Lagavulin
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    I recently bought a set of 22c Veloflex Paves for my CAAD9 and I'm not sure I could tell the the difference between those and 23C Conti 4000s. Compared to say a 23c Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp I always think 23c Contis are quite small though.

    I wouldn't go down Lizard Lane bank near mine on a tyre with 6 cuts in it let alone an alpine descent. Swap the tyre out and enjoy it.