Windproof base layers

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It'll soon be that time of year again when the temps drop&the wind blows from the north.So do windproof base layers make you sweat more&therefore make you feel chilled.Or do they a good job keeping out the wind&feel comfortable on long rides?I normaly wear a bog standard base layer&outer windproof long sleeve jersy.


  • izza
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    I recently tried out a Musto (sailing gear) base layer and found it to be great at keeping wind and chill out. No issue with wicking and cooling making things worse.

    When truly cold I have also used Nike thermo Max base layers which are fleece lined.
  • Never seen a windproof base layer.
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    Never seen a windproof base layer.


    May be it defies the need to wear anything else :shock:
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  • Gazzaputt
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    I have the Craft windproof baselayer and cannot praise it enough.

    Temperature is well regulated and the Gore Winstopper front and shoulders keep the chill out.
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    Can anyone explain why a windproof baselayer is preferable to a windproof shell? It doesn't make sense to me
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    bompington wrote:
    Can anyone explain why a windproof baselayer is preferable to a windproof shell? It doesn't make sense to me

    Doesn't make sense to me either. Surely it's better to wear something that you can open up if you do begin to overheat and get a bit too sweaty...
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    IME best baselayers are the Helly Hansen Lifa tops. I've only got one windproof/winter softshell and that's the Mavic Equipe jacket. It's probably the best item of bike clothing I own: ... -14341.htm

    As for a windproof baselayer, I've never seen any.

    Do you have any links to said item?
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    Never seen a windproof base layer.

    Not looking hard enough then. ... 22&ID=2533

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    And... ... r-256.html

    I can see it making sense as temps start to drop, worn under a regular jersey.
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    I have the Craft windproof s/s baselayer - I use it when it's a bit chilly for just a normal baselayer + s/s jersey or if setting out early on a summer's day. It's not really any hotter than a standard mid-weight baselayer but keeps the chill off your chest without needing an outer layer like a gilet. For winter though I switch back to merino or normal baselayers as I'll always be wearing a windproof outer.
  • Nope. Can't see the point of a WS base layer.
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    I've also got a Craft Windstpopper long sleeved base layer and use it in the winter. Its an excellent piece of kit. Does exactly what it says on the box.