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There's always a first...

Foster197Foster197 Posts: 13
edited August 2010 in Road beginners
My first venture onto the tarmac :D

Made the mistake of chancing it is the wet yesterday.

Now I have no skin on my left side :(

I’ve crash my mtb many times and it all happens in a flash, but on the roadie, everything was slow motion. I think next time I might take wet corners a lot slow haha.


  • sorry to hear about the crash mate.
    hope it heals up soon, although sleeping sounds like it's gonna be hell :(

    just out of interest, what tyres did you have one? :(
    Go for the break
    Create a chaingang
    Make sure you don't break your chain
  • thanks, no worries, as long as i keep on my right side lol.

    tyres are stock vittoria zaffiro, but i doubt any tyre would of saved me, just going too fast.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    Honestly? never ridden on roads before?
    Well, now you know that tarmac hurts... but as a roadie you just get up and carry on...... even if it means walking home and 4 weeks off bike for bones to heal.
  • fnegronifnegroni Posts: 794
    Foster197 wrote:
    tyres are stock vittoria zaffiro, but i doubt any tyre would have saved me, just going too fast.

    Zaffiro are not really meant for wet roads. There are tyres which can take wet roads a lot better than them.
    Speed is obviously, as you noticed, crucial.
  • JGSI - ive been riding a few months now, i meant first venture of skin scaping along the road haha, yeah just got up and apologised to traffic lol. Got the great north bike ride on sunday, so been training through the pain barrier.

    fnegroni - yes i think speed was a little too high. :)
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