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State Pension - dont yawn....

jgsijgsi Posts: 5,027
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I know it is hardly the most rivetting subject.. but someone might know off hand before I dive headfirst into HM Govs help system...
Managed to get an online pension review and result:
I have me 30 years out of 30 qual for the state pension.... but I am not as yet fit for glue making as I am still working p/t and still paying tax etc... so anyone know if you can still top up that pension with higher NI contributions to make the final pension a bit higher?


  • kettrinboykettrinboy Posts: 614
    yeah but why would you want to? youve got the full 30 yrs contributions to get a full state pension,any more into it if indeed you can pay more wont get you any more money ,you can defer taking it when you reach whatever the normal retirement age is then, and for each year you do that you get a lump sum, me i,m taking mine as soon as i can get me hands on it, a lot of people dont live to get their state pension as it is, ive wondered where those extra yrs of contributions over the 30 yr mark go, i assume it goes into your state second pension or serps as ive always called it, there must be some forum members who know more about this stuff,trouble is each successive government keeps moving the goalposts so you never know where you are.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,027
    I got the pension review which notates the additional state pension which I am assuming is the old serps... but then again...
    Just a bit of forward planning essentially.
    Living within my means suits me.. apart from my Cannondale, I dont have too many self indulgences.
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