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Hardcase RaceLite V Hardcase All Weather

wizzlebangerwizzlebanger Posts: 177
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My FX is currently fitted with 32c Hardcase Racelite tyres. I have no complaints with them so far as they have so far kept the puncture fairy away and roll pretty quick.

However, as wetter weather approaches and winter starts to rear it's head I'm a little concerned over their 'slickness'. I've ridden in the pouring rain and did feel like I needed to be careful especially in corners.

So my question is... is it worth changing to the all weather tyre for the winter commute? Do the improvements merit the outlay I guess is the real question?!?!?!

Being honest I think I already know what the answer is. :wink:
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  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    If changing the tyre will give you the confidence you should already have in your existing tyre, then it may be worthwhile! But no, you don't need to.
  • Cheers!! That's given me something to think about. I only feel a little concerned at 25+ on the downhill home from work. Maybe I'd still feel the same with 'all weather' tyres when it's pumping down.

    I have to say I'm dubious as to how much water a treaded tyre can displace when there is so little rubber in contact with the road anyway. I'm sure it does help but how much I'm not sure. Also, if I hit black ice or oil etc then I doubt any tyre will save me above any other!

    Think the £40 would be put to better use on a really good front light. (I don't have one yet)
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    Fast Hybrid 7.
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    SPD's -1
    Full mudguards for a dry bottom. + 1
  • elcanielcani Posts: 280
    As far as know, tread on road bike tyres is useless and for marketing purposes only. See here:

    Grip on narrow tyres is a function of tyre compound and I know the Racelight Hardcases are quite 'hard'. A tyre made with a softer compound will grip better, but wear quicker.

  • AirmilesAirmiles Posts: 101
    It's a typo - they're actually "Bakelite" :lol:

    When new they were scarily un-grippy, not so bad now but still not the greatest.

    Though I have to say, hearing them described as "roll pretty quick" is something of an eye-opener - they are the slowest tyres I have ever used apart from Schwalbe Marathons!

    In their defence, they are both cheap and bulletproof, and are still a fixture on the pair of gash wheels I use in winter.

    I'm currently loving my Panaracer Duro PTs, though that's probably not the kind of thing you're after if you're running 32s. Conti CityContact have a good rep, never used them personally, ditto Spesh Armadillos.
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