Mavic Ksyrium SL or Shimano Dura Ace CL 7850 ?

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I have a set of Shimano DA CL 24 already, however i am not exactly a race 'whippet' and am after something slightly stiffer.

Mavics have reared their head ....what do people think ?? obviously the DA ride well and rims a tad lighter than Mavics but detect hint of flex in the DA so looking at alternatives !!

comment appreciated



  • White Line
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    I've not used the DA wheels but I can vouch for the Mavics. They seem stiff enough. I've only noticed any brake rub when grinding up a 20% hill in the wet (so some grit was on the brake pads and rim). They're pretty strong too.

    The only thing that annoys me with them is the front wheel. If you hit it side on when it's not on the ground it makes a weird vibrating noise. Which, of course, makes no difference when actually riding on them.

    Plus, if you're unlucky enough to be out without the Mavic spoke key and spoke holder and then find yourself with a wonky wheel you can't borrow somebody else's spoke key.

    Oddly enough, if I was given the choice between these two today I'd probably go with the DA wheels due to a mix between; the price tag, the skewers, and bearings. Apparently Shimano wheels are rather nice.
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    I'd stick with the DAs too...
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    I have both Mavic Ksyrium SL Premiums and DA 7850 CL24's, and although I love the Ksyriums for their bombproof-ness and good looks, I ride the DA's all the time in preference.

    The Mavics feel slow in comparison to the DA's, and are not as smooth and comfortable feeling. I wouldn't say that the DA's feel any less stiff than the Ksyriums, I weigh 11 stone, so possibly don't push them that hard to know the difference.

    Like NapD said above, I'd stick with the DA's...
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  • chris217
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    cheers guys, i think decision made
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    Whiteline - Its probably your cone 'thingies' that need tightened up a bit and that noise will go away. You can do it with an allen key and the small plastic spanner you got with your wheels. Give the wheel a wobble when attached and if it moves a fair bit then thats the culprit.

    If its not that then its the skewer.
    Brian B.