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Off to Fort Bill next week and was wondering whats the Red like to ride in the wet with all the boarding. the Last two times iv been its been dry so got lucky but dont want a wasted trip as some of the group will only be riding the red.

Secondly i have formula RX brakes and currently running superstar kevlar pads. Power is ok but not as good as the originals but they were resin cheese in the wet so soon died. I have some goodridge sintered pads and was wondering am i going to be having issues with heat build up on such a long and fast DH run if i fit these. i have 180mm disk on my Zesty.

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    You'll have no problems with your Forumla RX with either the SS Kevlar pads or the Goodridge sintered ones. We use exactly this setup on our hire bikes here in the Alps.
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    I did FW in July for a week and it was pissing it down everyday. The northshore wasn't that slippery but beware of some sections where the chicken wire has been ripped and the grippy paint is worn. My friends said they couldn't feel any grip although I don't remember having any problems with it. Prepare to get very muddy though!
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    cool. mud is not a problem:) just dont want to drive 6 hours to find its bearly ridable