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tiny_penstiny_pens Posts: 293
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Following my success at getting the collective to make up for my google search ineptness (thanks again!) I thought I would have another go.

I want a bike shed. I think I want one like the Trimetals Protect-a-cycle (because I want to put the shed in an out of the way place where I wouldn't have room to open the wide doors that other shed designs have) but I have cheap bikes, don't live in the city and have a small street full of ex coppers watching out for dodgy goings on.

I thought I saw a wooden version (knockoff?) of the protect a cycle advertised somewhere but I don't know where. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


  • Clever PunClever Pun Posts: 6,778
    search for security shed, I got an 8X6 I think and holds all my bike stuff.

    No windows and padlock proctector... very good. probably about £400-£500
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  • LazarusLazarus Posts: 1,426
    If you have a certain position that you want to put the shed and space is a big factor , I think the best option would be to get one specially made from a specialist shed builder.

    Just a quick google for the southhampton area and turned up, give someone like them a call, point out what it is your looking for and ask them for a quote.
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  • tiny_penstiny_pens Posts: 293
    thanks for the suggestions. I have a rooms worth of overlapping boards (stripped from the walls of a large room - 60's fashion, don't ask) that I was going to use to build myself something if I failed to find something ready made at the right cost. I was just looking for the lazy way out.

    However, southampton sheds might be good for the big shed I am looking for (no point having a big shed if you are only going to fill it up with bikes - or at least ones you aren't working on at that time)
  • rjsterryrjsterry Posts: 22,343
    The metal ones are about the same price as the better wooden ones (£400-500). Asgard do a couple of good ones.
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  • edb999edb999 Posts: 44
    Be carefull of the cheap thin metal sheds, you will have lots of condensation.
    Expensive and indrustrial looking, but i am looking at getting one of these
    we use them at work and they are very secure, will get one big enough to keep my bikes and motorcycle in :D
  • LazarusLazarus Posts: 1,426
    Having someone make a shed to your requirements and coming home to find it built and ready and waiting is better than Christmas in my humble opinion :D but then i am middle aged and sheds become ever more appealing the older you get :lol:

    Also as Ed pointed out condensation is a big factor that needs careful consideration when thinking of a place to store bikes.
    A punctured bicycle
    On a hillside desolate
    Will nature make a man of me yet ?
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