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simon johnson
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Anyone tried one of the others aside from Cyclefit?

Looked at Bespoke who use the Retul system, and PrOgress (actually I've been trying to get in touch with PrOgress but am not having much luck.)

Interested to hear of people's ecperiences.
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  • owenlars
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    Bike Whisperer in Ealing, they are excellent.
  • I've used Cyclefit and Bespoke and would recommend Bespoke by a country mile.
  • simon johnson
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    Thanks guys,

    I have use BikeWhisperer fro a cleat fitting once before, it's actually a bit too far out for me particularly if I felt like I needed to go back for any fine tuning.

    I think that I'll go for Bespoke, I'm a little worried about the parts that I may have to replace though- I'm broke (physically and finacially!) and fear being told that I'll need new cranks, stem and all that. I guess that I can take their recommendations and just apply them as soon as I can, right? I mean. will I be given some sort of readout which I can fix up as I change bikes?
    Where\'s me jumper?
  • You'll get measurements that will allow you to set up any road bike of roughly the right size to fit. As for the cost of parts, it's only worth embarking on the fit if you can afford to implement it. You may need a new stem and/or post. A crank is possible but less likely.

    Overall a bike fit is a good investment in my experience anyway.
  • how much do each of them charge?

    any other recommendations for fittings within London?
  • izza
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    Just spent four hours at Specialized in Ruislip with Paul.

    Thoroughly recommend the service there. £120
  • cswebbo
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    I've heard good reports on this new venture;-

    They use velo solutions fitttings, an italian guy who sets up many pro's positions at Liquigas/Lampre etc.