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Rear hub blues

t-bone-kingt-bone-king Posts: 48
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So, I had the unpleasurable experience today of my chain slipping whenever i put a load on it in the higher gears at the back. Initially i thought - new cassette needed, and probably a new chain too. When i looked at it the teeth are kinda shark tooth shaped - see pic. It was also wobbling side to side.

The hub is a XT M756.

I took it off and then realised that the freewheel also wobbled side to side, so i took the axle out to tighten the freewheel, but it was already tight and the play is from within the freewheel itself. at least some of it. Put it all back together, and regreased the bearings (which were still in perfect cond.). Now Im just wondering exactly what i should do. You can just buy the freewheel, but it costs almost as much as the hub itself!

Also on the side, do you know of a page showing how to replace the pads on formula oros k18? i cant find a page for it.

Cheers guys,


  • cant find how to upload pics, sorry.
  • konadawgkonadawg Posts: 447
    You have not concluded whether the chain is slipping off the cogs or the freewheel hub is giving up under load. The latter is unlikely to be intermittent however.

    The play in the fwh is normal unless extreme, but if your chain is slipping and especially if you have an xt cassette, replace the cassette and let the fwh be.

    If not make sure that the problem is from the rear and not the front (it can be surprisingly difficult to determine)
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Photos in the BR forum FAQs.

    Oros remove c clip pin and pads.

    remember to push the pistons home first.

    buy a hub and then you have spare cones and bearings.
    just make sure it is the hub slipping and not the chain jumping. there can be a little play in the body.
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  • Ok, cool. Yes it definitely is the chain jumping, its skittering side to side and sometimes tries to get off the cassette entirely, to the right when looking at it sitting on the bike. I think Ill get a new cassette, aye. Im glad to hear that there is normally a bit of play in the freewheel. Would you reccomend a SRAM cassette? cheers
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