new bike - Carbon seat post or not?

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Will collect my 1st road bike tomorrow and need some advice!
Have opted for a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 alu veloce - having reserved it on saturday, the store sold it on monday and my only option is now the same spec bike without the carbon seat post saving £108 on original price.
Should I hold out and get the full spec veloce with carbon seat post - will it make a big difference?

Any advice greatly received!


  • softlad
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    the seatpost won't make any difference at all...
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    GO for the one without. For a saving of 108 royal foils you would be mad not to. The post doesn't make so much difference and you can get the same one that is use on the bike for 20 quid if you shop around. Its a Bianchi branded FSA SL-K seatpost. Planet X were doing a deal on them a while back. I got one for 20 quid. I am sure you can still get them cheap.

    Enjoy the bike BTW. I had a Celeste Via Nirone Alu/Carb veloce a while back and it was lovely.
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    £108 quid is enough for a new pair of Assos Uno bib shorts.

    £108 is about halfway to wheels that are a lot better than the stock ones.

    £108 is a more comfy saddle and perhaps better tyres.

    £108 will score you a decent, sexy looking helmet with plenty of change leftover.



    In other words, save the £108 for something that will make more of a noticeable difference to either your comfort or the bikes general performance than a slightly lighter (and some will suggest weaker) seatpost. As has been said already, if you must opt for the Carbon seatpost, have a look on ebay for someone selling one a lot cheaper than £108, you won't have to look too hard.
  • Mr Will
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    108 seems a lot for a carbon seaport. Are you sure it's not the version with carbon seat stays they are talking about?
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  • Chrissz
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    Didn't see the "£108" bit :shock: At that kind of price I'd be expecting to get a top-brand super-sexy seatpost.

    If you want a sexy, light carbon seatpost try one of these ;- ... 0456933258 :lol:
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    I'm a fan of carbon posts on road bikes to help take some road buzz out but £108 is more than you'd need to pay for a decent one.
  • I used a carbon seatpost for my rigid mtb, which was used mainly on the road and towpath. Because xc frames are smaller and the seatpost more extended than on road bikes, I found it really helped take the sting out of lumps and bumps on the road. Don't know if it will really have a useful dampening effect on a road bike, and £108 is a lot of money. Probably better to spend the money on a good saddle.
  • cougie
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    I'd not spend £108 if the difference is JUST the carbon seatpost. Thats paying over the odds. Get the alu one and if you feel the need for carbon - buy one for £50 and youve saved a packet.