Orbea Aqua TSR CT - advice

Tommy2x Posts: 10
edited August 2010 in Road buying advice
Hi all,

I'm about to purchase my first ever road bike and have concluded this bike is my #1 choice (the #2 being the Giant Defy 3 - similar price point).

1. Does anyone who has this bike have more details for me on the Orbea gear on it (brakes, pedals, etc)?
2. What's the quality like?
3. How does it rate against the rest of the Sora/Tiagra gear fitted?
4. What would you upgrade?/have you upgraded?

Also, since Ithis is the first bike I've bought in over 10 years, I'm a true novice. Is 34/50 a compact or a double? I really need a compact due to my current fitness levels!

thanks in advance