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Bike storage sheds - advice please

Tea and ToastTea and Toast Posts: 2
Hi All
This is my first post on here.

I am looking for a bike storage shed for 2 adult and 2 kids bikes.
We have a small garden as we live in London and no garage.
Can anyone recommend something please. At the moment they are in bedrooms and around the dining table cluttering the place up no end!

I've been searching on Google but as most places are just online it is hard to see whether the sheds would accommodate all the bikes. Perhaps I need 2.

Thanks for reading.


  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    Two tips.

    Kid's bikes become adult's bikes in a few years (IYKWIM).

    Think racks. They allow you to put the bikes a lot closer together than just standing them up.

    Additionally, perhaps think vertically. Hanging bikes vertically take up a LOT less floorspace.
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  • planetcplanetc Posts: 9
    I have a standard 5'x7' shed and it takes our 3 bikes, a lawnmower and all sorts of other censored too. I find it makes it easier to reverse the bikes in.
  • Kid's bikes become adult's bikes in a few years

    I wish. Would save a few quid.
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