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  • plowmar wrote:
    How does knowing his name create a problem?

    Why don't they just sack him and then take him back.? Without letting on.

    I'd heard that the book was anonymous. - today's Indy

    surely every body knew it was BC - I even got introduced to him as "Ben,,, hes the Stig you know"
    Spot on that man!!
  • OlliedaOllieda Posts: 1,010
    I find it hard to believe they didn't use more than one person as the Stig. Having the anonymity of the stig easily lends to using different drivers depending on avaliability.

    Can't remember correctly but wasn't the reason they killed off the "black" stig because the driver came out to the media saying it was him and they sacked him? Whats to say they didn't just give him a white race suit the next day and say carry on
  • But the Black stig is back

    I know, he's my uncle!!!
  • mrushton wrote:
    alfablue wrote:
    freehub wrote:
    Clarkons pays for some of Top Gear himselve?
    No, Top Gear pays Clarkson

    Some years back, Top Gear was taken off the BBC. The BBC couldn't see the future in it and Clarkson bought the rights (or at least 50%) to the name. His business partner is the Producer of TG. So Clarkson gets a wedge from the mags/birthday cakes/anything bearing the Top Gear logo. He supposedly made £800k last year.

    Maybe so, but he's still a massive spanner, and the show is now so scripted and contrived that it's about as spontaneous as a WWF wrestling match.

    Pity really, because it used to be very entertaining. All started to go downhill after the caravan catching fire incident was "revealed" to be set up.
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  • the stig lives next door to me,he drives a 98 fiat punto only as a cover
    going downhill slowly
  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    Why not have a 'Lady Stig'!! I can just see it now, a shapely young lady in tight fitting black race overalls (zip undone to expose a bit of cleavage) :D Just the sort of thing Top Gear needs :P
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  • If the Stig had resigned, he's not the Stig anymore. Someone else is. So who really cared who the Stig was? Surely it's about who the Stig is now.

    Does seem like a waste of licence-payer's money. Did the owners of TG contribute to the legal costs?
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