Newbike for a newbie

steve46 Posts: 31
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Hi everyone, newbie here; been riding for exercise for the past couple of years (since dodgy back stopped me from running) and have recently discovered the wonderful world of off road cycling (what planet have I been on?) as such I've just bit the bullet and purchased a new CUBE LTD team, from Stif cycles. Had gone to have a look after someone reccommended Cube and fell for this one, would have liked a full sus but just couldn't justify the cost; just curious as to what people think of this bike and the Rock Shox recon sl air 100 for off road use, Dalby forest once a month will be as serious as it gets. BTW anyone thinking of buying a new CUBE, free flow bikes have a 25% sale of all their remaining 2010 stock - well gutted, could have bought the LTD Race for less money :cry:

Whilst on could anyone reccommend a guide to good off road routes in Yorkshire and LIncolnshire, particularly around the Humber, cheers,