So it's quite addictive

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Got my new MTB on Friday and I love it. Not properly ridden off-road before and had been using my road bike of late, however that might not get used much now!

Went out today and just rode around on the trails etc near me today. Getting muddy was just like being 10 again! Far more enjoyable riding off road than on it. I have no skills yet, am considering a course of some sort as all I could think whilst going downhill was "avoid those rocks, avoid those rocks!" and probably was too tense to enjoy it.

One question though, it was sandy (before last nights rain) and there is a cruchy/grinding type noise from the bottom bracket when I pedal. Not too loud but disconcerting, is it sand in there and do I need to give it extra lube?



  • biff55
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    probably sand in in the chain links , give it good clean and re-lube.
    and glad you enjoyed your new ride :D
  • mak3m
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    lol been mountain biking for about a month, did my first proper dirty ride couple of weeks ago in a thunderstorm or two

    soaking wet, freezing cold 28 miles, massive grin on my face laughing like a little kid scrambling up and down muddy banks

    addictive hell yesh
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    agreed, i started 3 weeks back and am also addicted, especially with the amount of money im spending on it!
  • DHA987S
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    Yeah the cost so far has sort of made sure I get addicted!

    Want to ride this morning but my new pedals are meant to arrive, should I wait for them.......
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    This makes me smile :D

    S'good, innit?