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HTTP error code 503

BaybashBaybash Posts: 136
I keep getting this message when trying to view any page other than the home page from my Android mobile. This has been happening for weeks now. Any ideas why?


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,587
    Try clearing your cache, that will probably solve it.
  • BaybashBaybash Posts: 136
    That seems to have stopped me even getting onto the site with the same error! Before I cleared the cache I could see the home page but no other. Now I can't access any of the site. Other thoughts? Sorry to be a pain but I use my mobile a lot to access the site.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Since it's happening across more than one site I would contact your service provider.

    503 kinda means that although the web server your making a request to is operational (as it's sending a reply) it's not fully operational, as it's happening on all sites your trying, my guess is that your services own equipment is causing the error.
  • BaybashBaybash Posts: 136
    Thanks Richard. The problem is just with Bikeradar not any other site.
  • agaleagale Posts: 5
    I'm the lead developer on BikeRadar and I have an Android phone so I'm very surprised to hear this as the site works fine for me.

    Is the problem still occuring? If so please provide some details such as the exact phone you are using, which network, what time you are trying to access the site etc... and we'll have a look into it for you.
  • BaybashBaybash Posts: 136
    I ave a T-MObile G2 Touch with Android as te operating system. I use te T-Mobile network. I've tried to access the site over te last few weeks between 9am-9pm everyday of the week.

    I cleared the cache on the phone and that hasn't helped. All the oter sites I use work. I've tried to access the site via a Google search and a bookmark. I've just checked again and I'm now getting a message saying "Data Connectivity Problem - The server failed to communicate Try again later" rather than the 503 error message.

    Any help would be very welcome.
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