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Whinlatter Yesterday

bobcheesebobcheese Posts: 343
edited August 2010 in Routes
Took my first trip up to Whinlatter yesterday and was well impressed.

North loop: Wow what a climb!!!! It was a baking hot day and i was drained by the time I got to the top but what a decent :D there are a couple of drop off's tha come out of no where and caused a bit of a squeeky bum moment but other than that nothing I couldn't handle.

South Loop: Found this climb a little easyer (although I believe we didn't go all the way to the top as we turned left at the point where you get to the skinny and the boardwalk drop off which I managed to complete without injury much to the dismay of some spectators :wink: ). The decent down from there to the visitors centre was another cracker, really fast and not too many features that slown you down too much.

All in all a great day, good company and everyone we met where really freindly towards us. Its funny to see such a variation of bikes on the trail too seen everything from Dart toting cube acid hire bikes to double crown super heavy downhill rigs :D


  • Good place isn't it :)
    Definately a trail I'm going to miss when I move.

    I prefer the North Loop as its a bit more technical both in the climbs and descent, but you can't beat the South Loop for all out fun :D

    You missed a cracker of a view by not doing the final climb on the South Loop though, tis the only reason I really go up there!

  • I was in the lakes too yesterday, the weather was awesome! Did about 30 miles out of Amblesdie, took in Grizedale, Coniston, Langdale Quarry - through the disused mines with no lights,


    then over to Grasmere, Loughrigg Terrace and the final decent down to Rydal water!

  • hammy7272hammy7272 Posts: 236
    How long does it take to do the North and South loops?
  • bobcheesebobcheese Posts: 343
    Depends how fast you are uphill I suppose but if you allow 2 hours each you wont be far off for average joe. We got there about 10:30 and it was still quiet. We dis both loops including a stop for a sausage pannini (oooohh get me mister la de dar :lol: ) after the north loop and we was on the way to the pub by 15:00.

    @MFC that looks awsome. I'd love to do some natural stuff but my map reading is pants hence the wrong turn on the south loop. Need to work on this and get out to some of that natural stuff.

    Will put up a couple of pics when I can be arsed to sort camera out (still stiff!)
  • nick1962nick1962 Posts: 156
    Did Whinlatter both loops last Wednesday but to be honest I was totally underwhelmed.....didn't really flow at all.
    The main car park charges are a rip off too so I parked in the free car park just before the centre.
    +1 for those pics MFC looks great.
    Did you plan the route yourself? Can you post s few more details?
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