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Energy supplements that don't give stomach cramps

pickylongstockingpickylongstocking Posts: 62
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Hello all,

Does anyone else suffer from stomach cramps and sometimes worse when using products like SIS and Mule bars?

So far I have tried the following with mixed results:

1. Mule bars - Give me mild stomach cramps after rides
2. Clif bars - Make me a little shall we say bunged up
3. SIS energy bars - Severe stomach cramps after rides
4. Power bars - Stomach cramps during ride
5. Isostar - Bamboo trots after rides
6. SIS recovery shake - threw up half an hour after drinking
7. SIS Energy gels - Instant feeling of nausea

I dont have a sensitive stomach at all when it comes to everything else, just these bars etc...

Can anyone recomend any that don't have this effect as I am aware through talking to colleagues who train that it is not necessarily just me that has these problems.

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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Torq stuff is pretty natural, you may get on better with that.

    I personally find SIS stuff revolting, far too synthetic. I like High 5.
  • mobilekatmobilekat Posts: 245
    We use the stuff from Zip-Vit and so far so good.

    You do have to order it on-line, but they do a trial pack for £4.99 and it came with a £10 voucher off our first order.

    We have since ordered a tub of the fruit punch energy drink and the whey protein recovery drink and both seem great! OK they are not cheap, but they seem good, and I decided I would rather pay more and not throw up! Plus we are convinced the recovery drink works- no cramps and minimal aching since starting using it.

    I have IBS and have to be careful what I eat/drink (and an allergy to oats- really annoying as I love porridge and flapjacks!) and this stuff seems good- I am now addicted to their energy chews, as they are a nice taste and not too sweet!

    They have also passed all the testing etc so if you compete you can use their stuff.
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  • a banana and home made energy drink?
  • sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
    I have dodgy guts and found S.I.S gave me rotten bellyache and made we want to puke, I use Hi5 now and i've been fine on that, both the isotonic one and the energy drink, not dared to try the one with caffine in as I know that will upset me, making for emergency downloading lol :oops:
    Caz xx
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Our rep suggested the Isotonic High5 isn't worth it in the UK, it just doesn't get hot enough, which is interesting.

    The 4:1 is more popular than the standard 'Source' too, although I prefer the Source. The Xtreme with caffeine's alright, prefer a caffeinated gel if you want stimulants personally.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    All that special high energy stuff full of chemicals makes me puke and gives me stomach cramp as well.

    Over the years I have narrowed it down to a 50/50 mix of Apple juice and water with a pinch of sea salt for a drink.

    70% cocoa dark chocolate for an emergency anti bonk also used if there is a big climb coming all that cocoa turns me into a climber for a few minutes.

    Regular fig rolls keeps me going.

    After a ride a home made Ice cream and banana milkshake as a recovery drink.
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  • mobilekatmobilekat Posts: 245
    I think its a case of trial and error for most people.

    I have to be very careful about drinking fruit juice as most make me ill after more than a small glass, and whilst I LOVE fig rolls I cant risk eating them unless near a loo! :oops:

    Same goes for dark chocolate, which I am also meant to avoid due to a blood issue (have had to give up on all chocolate... mutter)

    Where are for reasons best known to my digestive system it likes the Zip-Vit stuff and I find I can cycle better on them as its not just sugar and sodium that I tend to need and there is a limit to the numbers of banananas I can eat to get potassium etc

    I have come to the conclusion there must be a reason so many top end riders drink the supplements, and anything I can do to help my slightly knackered body cope with the abuse I give it is a good idea!!
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  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,601
    Might I suggest trying to eat REAL food instead of bunches of sugary candy bars.
    Since these "supplements" have come out they have been touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Everyone is telling everyone else on every forum that you need to use this or that recovery gel, bar, drink, powder. You also need to have this or that energy gel, bar, drink, powder. Of course you will also need this or that electrolyte supplement.
    As a little added, easy to use, something during the ride, these items have their uses. To rely on them as food is simply dumping whole bunches of sugar into your body. Eat real food - not a bunch of candy bars. This may ease your gastric distress somewhat. Which brings up the question of "If you know these items cause you distress, why would you eat them?" :? :? :?
  • Forget SIS products as many of them contain aspartarme which is actually banned in some countries.
    You can read about the effects of aspararme at the link i have given.

    You are much better off using High5 or Torq they keep thing fairly natural and i have had no stomach problems with them.
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Quite like Torq and High5. And Emerge. And Relentless. And Snickers bars, Eccles cakes, malt loaf, fig rolls, dried apricots, bananas, Mars bars, flapjacks, Yorkie bars, Kit-Kat Chunkies...
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Since these "supplements" have come out they have been touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    I know it's a couple of months old now, but I'll reply anyway...

    It's convenience, pure and simple, it's much easier to carry and to consume a carb drink than it is pocket fulls of 'REAL FOOD'. I can't see me tucking into a flapjack in a race, I suspect I'd vomit all over the bars!
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